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Web Based Data Management
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jemava provides database management through web based applications.

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On the simplest level, we offer Event Driver TM

If you have ever needed a hammer, then you know simple tools are often the most useful.

Your business probably already has an email list. If it doesn't, then start building one now. If you are a band or a shoe store or even if your ideas only exist on the web, your best customers are the ones that already know you. Invite them back without the expense of conventional advertising.

Event Driver makes your email list free from the usual hassles. You login and send your list through our mail server. You may enter the names on your list or users may enter their own names from your website. The message you send shows only their name and the email address for them to reply. It will always tell them how to "unsubscribe" so that you are compliant with the law and they do the list maintainence for you.

Your list will remain confidential on our server. We will never sell your list.

Event Driver applications are web based and can be accessed from anywhere.
There is no need to install software on your PC.

If your site is being hosted by KCWebmaster, then this service is free.

Anyone may use Event Driver for only $10/month.

Join Event Driver Here

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